1. Muscular Frame- easily builds muscle. Usually taller individual, with broad shoulders.
  2. Hands are large and muscular – long, round fingers and square palms.
  3. Crave salt primarily – love chips, pretzels, etc.
  4. Weight gain is primarily around the mid section or gut… the “spare tire” as it’s called.

The adrenal body type relies on the adrenals as it’s primary hormonal regulating gland, which means that when you get stressed you will release higher amounts of adrenal hormones in response to the stress.

This is known as a fight or flight response, you are either going to run from a problem or face it. The adrenals act like a turbo in an engine, it sustains the energy output of the cell so you can keep going through the day.

Remember the thyroid is the spark plug, it starts the engine while the adrenals keep it running. If you stay under stress the body will eventually burn out the levels of adrenal hormones available.

The body will go into 3 phases of adrenal stress:

  1. Reactive- react to stress
  2. Adaptive- get used to the stress
  3. Injury Recall/Burnout- nothing left to give

Some commonly known vitamins and herbals I see in the office that work well on feeding the adrenals:

  1. Vitamin B- especially B12A
  2. Vitamin C
  3. CoQ10
  4. L-Carnitine
  5. Holy Basil
  6. Suma

Adrenal fatigue can result in CHRONIC FATIGUE, low libido, sleep problems, chronic infections, anxiety, and depression.

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