Affect of Sugars on Reproductive Body Type

In the reproductive body type, the main hormones we are dealing with are estrogens, testosterone and progesterone.

High sugar consumption within this body type can see the most weight gain out of all three. Remember, this body type releases high amounts of estrogen in response to stress in both males and females. Estrogen is responsible for depositing fat in the body. Excess blood sugar (especially dairy sugars) will turn into bad fat/triglycerides. High estrogen + high sugar = unhealthy weight gain.

When the reproductive glands become fatigued from handling excess sugar they become fatigued and nutrient deficient. Any “new” extra fat is then placed around the glands: the ovaries, testes, or chest glands as a protective mechanism, because the body thinks the glands are injured. The body is “thinking ahead” predicting that the ovaries will need the fat reserves for nutrition if they get close to burn out. Think of it as winter time storage of food just in case something goes wrong. Again it becomes a cycle.

A problem with excess fat cells is that they can contain toxins and higher amounts of estrogen. According to research, this can have an effect on the overall detoxification and estrogen buildup. This could possibly contribute in abnormal cell swelling/inflammation in the reproductive areas. This can contribute to conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, cysts in women, and testicular growths and cysts on the testes in men. High sugar is very inflammatory.

I have seen great results in patients with reproductive health issues just by limiting the sugar in their diets. Truly a game changer.

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