The frequent ingestion of white refined sugar, maple syrup, fruit juices, sodas, honey, etc. will cause your bodies blood sugar levels to rise rapidly. Our bodies are not made to handle such high amounts of concentrated sugars.

When this rapid rise occurs, our pancreas “freaks out” and will overreact by producing high amounts of insulin. Remember, insulin is responsible for pulling sugar into our cells to give us energy. As insulin rises the body will draw more of the excess sugar from the blood into our cells. As a result, our blood sugar drops too low, giving us the “shakes”.

When blood sugar drops too low, the adrenals must produce large amounts cortisol (responsible for creating glucose in liver and pushing it into the blood) to bring the blood sugar to normal. This type of diet, which is the typical American diet, will exhaust the adrenals over time and could lead to hypoglycemia.

High amounts of cortisol production can lead to:

  1. Adrenal induced diabetes
  2. Decreased immune function
  3. Less sex drive and depression

    As adrenals “burn out” after the chronic production of cortisol due to stress, the body will crave substances that raise blood sugar such as sweets, caffeine, soda, or juice. It becomes a vicious cycle that feeds itself.

    People can experience:

    • Dizziness
    • Brain Fog
    • Irritability
    • Erratic Behavior
    • Blurred Vision
    • Headaches

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