Affects of Sugars on the Thyroid

The thyroid body type is a high energy body type. It produces more thyroid hormones in response to stress than the other body types. These hormones include:

  1. T3
  2. T4

These two thyroid hormones are vital to the turning of the kreb cycle-the cycle that makes energy, ATP. The spinning of this cycle is dependent on thyroid hormones. When it slows down, the energy in your body slows down and more substrates (carbs) are synthesized into triglycerides and bad cholesterol! So if your thyroid is fatigued it’s important not to eat too much sugar, simply to keep you from having high cholesterol(bad cholesterol).

Additionally, because of the genetic enzyme makeup/defects of most thyroid body types, they have tendencies for:

  1. High homocysteine levels = cardiovascular risks
  2. APOE4 allele lipoproteins in the blood which contributes to poor removal of cholesterol fragments and toxic aluminum metal
  3. Propensity to convert glucose into triglycerides and bad cholesterol as their thyroids become hypoactive

High amounts of sugar affect your emotions as well. Thyroid body types have the tendency to not feel loved. You are high energy and give a ton. You have to make sure you conserve your energy and pick and choose who you give your love to. Additionally, there is a biochemical connection between the gut and the brain. High amounts of sugar slow down the thyroid which slows down energy and leads to low mood.

Over 25,000 different hormones are made and processed within the digestive tract. If your digestive system is imbalanced you will become imbalanced (haha). High amounts of sugar disrupts the production of these hormones which can create hormonal imbalance.

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