Can Emotions Contribute to Allergies? Yes, in many ways they can šŸ™‚
In Traditional Chinese and Aryuvedic Medicine, organs have specific connections to certain emotions. Certain organs are meant to help the body handle and process the STRESS of particular emotions.
Example of Organs and Emotions:
* Large Intestine-Control, Grief
* Lung-sadness, crying
* Bladder-paralyzed will, canā€™t move forward
* Kidney-fear
* Gallbladder-frustration, resentment
* Liver-anger
* Small intestine-Feeling lost or vulnerable
* Heart-inappropriate laughing, hysteria, frightful overwhelming joy
* Thyroid/adrenals/pericardium-Instability or overwhelmed
* Pericardium-Depleted
* Stomach-Nervous, worried, or despair
* Spleen-Low self-esteem, self identity problems
If an organ is unbalanced or injured from stressors, such as diet, electromagnetic fields, environmental toxins, relationships, heavy metals, or emotions, this can weaken the organs metabolic capabilities. This means that the organ cannot process the toxins created by these stressors. Emotions have been clinically shown to reduce toxins within our bodies.
When we carry unprocessed emotions they can weaken the organ they are related to. For example, if I carry hidden anger then it could decrease the function of my liver-which could not allow me to properly process toxins within my bloodstream. This could lead to high histamine and allergic reactions because of the toxins floating in my blood. Our bodies can create an immune response to the toxins, and tag them as allergens when the organ is weekend. Remember, our organs go into freak out mode. The body just wants to get rid of the toxins to return to balance.
To return to balance, processing and becoming aware of hidden emotions that are lying under the surface is vital. This will reduce stress off the related organ and thus reduce high inflammation. I recommend practicing gratitude, intentional meditations, deep prayers, and emotional techniques from trusted healthcare professionals such as:
* EMDR-eye movement desensitization
* NET-Neuro emotional technique
* EFT-Emotional freedom technique
* TBM-Total body modification
* NAET-namudripad allergy elimination technique
* NMT-Neuro modulation technique
* Acupuncture or acupressure!!!
* Applied kinesiology!!!
Restoring blood flow and bio electricity/Qi to these organs will allow them to process emotions efficiently. You will be surprised how it can affect your allergy season šŸ™‚ give them a try and start cleansing these emotions!

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