Do You Suffer From Allergies?

Allergy season is upon us, and I wanted to give a simple tips to alleviate them. Listed below are some acupressure points that I use in the office to help give allergy relief!
If you suffer from pollen, mold, grasses, trees, dust, etc., just know it can come from genetics or from secondary infections.
You may not be able to break down histamine from a genetic mutation in the HNMT or MTHFR gene. A genetics test can let you know if that is the case, check out for instructions on a great gene test to let you know. And it Will give you the supplementation to help.
Secondary Infections;
We have a couple types of immune responses-INNATE and ADAPTIVE.
Innate Is the immune system we have at birth, it is our first response system. When we get infections within our sinuses, ears, or nose, such as staph, strap, or cold viruses they can stick around. Infections can linger even from childhood. If an infection last more than a week or so, the body brings in the adaptive immune response. This immune response depends on our antibodies being trained to look out for those specific infections. This occurs with chronic, low lying infections that stick around. Our bodies are continually fighting them.
As a result of the chronic infection, the body will release higher amounts of histamine to bring in more blood flow to heal the areas of infections. This higher amount of histamine can create allergy symptoms to things we breathe, eat, or contact. That is why many people say, “I just became allergic to everything I was eating or breathing without any explanation!”
Check out the video and I give you suggestions of what Accupressure points to treat and the locations. You can research them and I give you more information on the video.
In Traditional Chinese and Aryuvedic medicine, one of the explanations why we have a allergy symptoms is because the Qi energy/electricity is hindered to certain organs when we encounter an allergen. Our organs basically freak out! Restoring the Qi energy/electricity to the organ allows the body to recognize the allergen and calm down. Thus clearing out excess histamine and giving the organs strength to process the pollens, grasses, etc.
The points:
LARGE INTESTINE 4 near the thumb
LARGE INTESTINE 10 near elbow on forearm
SPLEEN 6 inside of leg bone near ankle
LIVER 3 web space between big toe and second toe
You can use tapping, pressure, or a mini percussor, which I have a swipe up to lead you to, to stimulate the points. Stimulate these points every 2 to 3 hours during the day. If you do this for a week you should start to see some relief and symptoms 🙂
Keep me posted!

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