Allergy Acupressure for Your Pets

The fall is upon us and like the spring springs allergies. Pollen, ragweed, and mold can be quite heavy during this time of year. Not only does it affect us humans, but it can affect our loving, furry pets.

Thanks to my main dude @dougthepug for giving me the privilege to show all of you how to help your pets avoid allergy symptoms.

Also this can work on cats as well. The points are very similar. I didn’t forget you Fiona!!

I know it can be tough to see your pet constantly scratching, itching, inflamed, or constantly licking to sooth painful areas.

These are pet acupressure points that I recommend you rub gently for 10 seconds 2 to 3 times an hour – twice a day. You can also treat these points on both sides of the body to give extra therapy.

Bladder 17
Stomach 36
Large intestine 4 and 11
Lung 5
Kidney 27

Check out the video and you will see the location of the points! Let’s treat those allergies 🙂

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