Since the 1940’s and 50’s, the US began a steady decline in the use of minerals on crop soil to re-institute nutrients within the food supply of America. Not only did it rob us but it also robbed the livestock of key nutrients.

Why is that important? Both human and livestock need minerals and vitamins to drive our immune systems.

As a result, we see sick people and sick animals. Consuming sick meat, milk/dairy, and nutrient deficient crops can allow bad bacteria and yeast to grow and inoculate our digestive tract.

I am not anti-western medicine, medication, or antibiotic. Western medicine saved my life with a past surgery, so I see the usefulness and importance of all disciplines. However, it seems that the culture began neglecting the importance and education of proper vitamin and mineral intake to balance our bodies detoxification processes. Our immune system then takes the biggest hit because this all affects our bodies ability to absorb vitamin d-a major immune booster. Vital nutrients run all of our biochemical processes. Depletion of these in the American Diet has led to many sick individuals, and it has enhanced the expression of genetic variants/mutations.

I know that is a lot to say. With so much infection going around, the result was the creation of antibiotics. Antibiotics, with proper dosages and duration, have helped many people. It’s the overuse and constant bombardment on the digestive tract that creates dysbiosis and Leaky Gut.

Over time Antibiotics can not only kill the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria as well. We need the good bacteria to kill bad bacteria. Killing off the good guys will only allow infections to thrive simply because we daily intake so many pathogens within our diets.

The effects of long term antibiotic use has been quite harmful to our digestive health across the nation. If you cannot absorb nutrients and you already have bacterial overgrowth in the gut, you could be looking at long term health degeneration.

The main key to controlling bad bacteria in the gut is to have proper VITAMIN D LEVELS. If your body does not absorb vitamin d your immune system shuts down. You can intake all the probiotics and enzymes available, but the bad bacteria will only come back if you do not get your immune system turned on. I’ve seen chronic dysbiosis resolve with the proper balance of Vitamin D, A, E, and K. Yes probiotics help and prebiotic foods do as well, but the key is the VDR gene…get the vitamin D turned on and your good bacteria will thrive!

Please research the VDR gene, it will blow your mind.

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