Remember when dealing with anxiety we are researching a few main enzymes in the body- MAO-A, MAO-B, COMT, and PNMT. There are other enzymes that can create anxiety but for simplicity, I want to stick with the basics.

I’ve seen in practice and research how the following supplementation has helped with the support of the enzymes in the body, and thus reducing anxiety. The list does not suggest that all the supplements should be taken. Have a professional kinesiologist, nutritionist, or doctor of your choice, monitor which supplements work together for you. It is an art to making all supplements harmonize together, otherwise you can create an environment where one supplement is working against another. The same situation happens with medications, one prescription will create a condition that another medication has to take care of. Yes, people can take too many supplements, I see it everyday in the office.

Here’s the supplement list:

  1. MAO-A: B2 (Riboflavin), B6 (P5P), B-complex, Zinc, Magnesium
  2. MAO-B: B6(P5P), B-complex, anti-histamines (such as quercitin, acerola, rutin, and vitamin C), DAO (diamine oxidase which breaks down histamine)
  3. COMT: MINERALS!!!, Magenesium, Boron, B-complex, Inositol, Thyroid Support, Calcium, B-12 (Adenosylcobolamine)

LESS IS MORE! The right combination of supplementation should work together where the compliment each other,not work against one another. The body only has so much energy to tear a pill apart, if you give it too many pills it becomes a chore to the body and this can create toxicity.

Choose all B-vitamins and minerals carefully. B-vitamins and minerals are vital to cleansing the liver and running the bodies methylation cycle. Taking incongruent B-vitamin and mineral in combo can result in over detoxifying. That’s why I recommend finding a professional to help you out. If you do choose to take things solo then just get proper testing done and be sensitive to your body and how you feel after taking supplementation.

Let’s crush anxiety!!!

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