AQUARIUS January 20 – February 19

Aquarius brings energy and warmth to every situation. Their even presentation brings a level of calm acceptance to everyone they encounter. The “go with the flow” attitude is evident by their unique, artistic style. They make everything look cool.

Helping others is in their blood. Social justice, loyalty, and defending the helpless is a core belief they follow. You will often see an Aquarius helping the elderly, feeding the hungry, or rescuing an abandoned pet. These actions of serving others does not depend on how others treat them or how they want to be treated, they do it just because it’s the right thing to do. They listen so well without judgement, always looking for the best in everyone.

Great Listeners
Honest and Sincere

Aquarius’ gift is to create a sense of SECURITY AND SAFETY to our world! They accomplish this through their ability to listen, understand, and see the BIG PICTURE. Seeing the whole picture comes natural to Aquarius, it’s almost prophetic. Being able to see all angles of a problem allows them to make objective decisions without bias. Problem solving comes from their deep intellect. As objective as they are, it does not make them aloof, it makes them more perceptive. They perceive the feeling of others naturally; they can read everyone in a room and get a “feeling” from them. This is a reason many come to them for help or guidance. People feel safe when they are around Aquarius, because they know that this sign has their best interest at heart.

Aquarius’ heart is in social justice. They want to literally make the world a better place. If someone else is being hurt they will step in and fight.

Often times, they will look out for the well-being of others more than themselves. When it comes to others they will fight without question, but if it is for themselves, many times they can freeze or give in. The importance and feelings of others can take priority over how they themselves feel. Understanding another person is natural to Aquarius, however there can be self-doubt, insecurity, and anxiety when it comes to their own decisions and character.

This can be the result of compassion fatigue. Looking out for everyone else, all the time, can make Aquarius tired. Their strength is to perceive and take action when something is wrong. When they do this all the time for others, they have no room left for themselves. The confidence they bring to others with their insight, can be drained, leaving little in the tank.

How can the Aquarius strengthen to accentuate the God-given ability within themselves and others?
– Be aware of the difference of helping those truly in need or taking pity on those who don’t want it…be mindful of your energy.
– Invest in friends and companions that stimulate your intellect.
– Volunteer and help others only if you mentally and physically have the energy to do it.
– Deeply invest in your own healing. Take time to find what you truly want in life, without self-doubt.
– Avoid individuals that break promises or are not up front with you, honesty is key for you!

Aquarius is known as the Water Pourer. The story of this constellation signifies the ENCOURAGEMENT or GOOD NEWS the Aquarius brings to all those around them. The picture within this constellation shows a man pouring water over a fish. A fish naturally needs water to survive. The natural joy to any Aquarius is to pour life into someone else. This world needs GOOD NEWS! Your narrative of safety is in the stars.
PISCES AUSTRALIS – SOUTHERN FISH: We the fishes live in the safety of the Aquarius’ waters.
PEGASUS – THE WINGED HORSE: You spread the good news on the wings of the horse.
CYGNUS-THE SWAN: Your beauty is seen by all, don’t doubt that it’s not noticed.

As much as you Aquarians give life to others, make sure you save some for yourselves.

God’s love for us can be found in the stars: “Praise God who set in place the moon and stars to rule over the night! His tender love for us continues on forever! Psalms‬ ‭136:9‬

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