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If you are already on a regimen of good supplements, and you feel great, keep doing it.

If you are taking many supplements for a while and you do not feel great, there could be a few things going on:

  1. The supplements you are on are deep cleaning your system and getting rid of old toxins and microbes (methylation).
  2. The amount of toxins released are too much for your liver and colon to release at one time.
  3. One of the supplements in your regimen may have properties that you are sensitive or toxic to.
  4. All the supplements alone could be great, but in combination they can work against each other if not tested properly.
  5. You stomach can not break down the actual supplement.
  6. You may be taking too many pills.

The good thing about taking a large regimen: If you have the right combo and ratio of supplements, they can boost your energy and gently detox you at the same time.

But you may have to take many, some patients of mine come in with 10-20-30 supplements they are on. In my experience, most individuals forget or do not favor taking that many.

Many times very chronically ill individuals need a large regimen. I understand that. However, I start every patient off with the most minimal dosage and product amount possible.

It can take high amounts of your energy to breakdown lots of supplements.

The amount of energy it requires to metabolize and break down many supplements may rob energy from other areas of your body. That’s why you may not feel great.

I believe starting off with the least amount of supplements is a good choice.

Taking small amounts allows the body to metabolize the supplements more efficiently, with low energy requirement.

The extra energy is used for creating balance throughout the system. That’s where you feel normal…in balance.


  1. Start with acupuncture, kinesiology, holistic, or chiropractic care (any holistic practitioner). This allows your body to heal on its own.
  2. Get tested for a probiotic, start healing the gut as soon as you can. 

Allow the body to heal on its own and see what problems are left over or truly chronic. Then add in supplements if needed.

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