One of the main concerns I have seen and heard is skin breakouts during isolation. Why is this happening all of a sudden? There could be many explanations, but I think there are a few main areas I have seen during this time:
* Detoxification
* Digestive and Gut Infections
* Food Allergens
* Stress
Detoxification: If you have decided to go through a major detox or cleanse, and now have the time to stay consistent because your are at home…this is a big reason why you may have a breakout.
Digestive and Gut Infections: If you have increased sugar or alcohol intake during your stay at home, this can also give rise to acne or rashes. Common infections in the gut such as Strep, Staph, Clostridium, Yeast, Fungus, etc. can feed off sugar. They get energy and run their cellular processes with sugar as well. When they are active, they can give off waste-organic acids, and this waste can build up. Your body is busy trying to get rid of the waste, and if the natural detox pathways, such as lymph, digestive, or kidney pathways are clogged, the skin is the next path of detox. Acne and rashes result because your body is working overtime to push the toxins out.
Food Allergens: Eating foods that your body cannot breakdown or digest leads to inflammation. This inflammation will give rise to high amounts of histamines in your blood, which can make your skin swell, breakout, or itch. Have you noticed eating any foods that you don’t normally eat, or eating high amounts of certain foods that cause an inflamed feeling? Take note and cut back!
Stress: STRESS may be one of the biggest cause of breakouts. When stress levels are high, like it is now, the body naturally produces more stress chemicals, such as cortisol, insulin, and adrenaline. As your body stays in stress mode, you can burn these chemicals to low amounts. These bio chemicals help you breakdown sugar and use it for energy, and they also give us strength to fight off bad infections in the gut. If you burn yourself out from stress, you can weaken the immune system and then crave more sugar!!! The excess sugar feeds the bad infections, and the weakened immune system can’t fight off the digestive microbes. This all can result in breakouts. (Additionally, the change in your daily routine can change your hormones, and this shift can lead to breakouts as well.)
Facial Diagnosis has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s facial mapping, and it is a clear indicator of what parts of the body are imbalanced leading to the breakouts. Here is a list:
Hairline: Bladder
Top of forehead: Transverse Colon
Right side of forehead: Ascending Colon
Left side of forehead: Descending Colon
Middle to lower forehead: Small Intestine
Between eyebrows Eyebrows: Liver
Below eyebrows: Gallbladder
Between eyes: Pancreas
Below eyes: Kidneys
Temples: Spleen
Ears: Kidneys
Tired lines from inner eyes: Adrenal fatigue
Bridge of nose: Stomach
High cheeks or cheekbones: Large Intestine
Corners of nostrils: Bronchi
Tip of nose: Heart
Cheeks: Lungs
Corner of lips: Duodenum(stomach/small intestine)
Top lip: Stomach
Bottom lip: Small Intestine
Chin: Sex Hormones and Lower Intestine
Identify which area you have breakouts. Reduce your sugar intake, increase daily water(at least half your body weight in ounces), 20-30 minutes exercise, eliminate foods you are sensitive to, and practice 10-15 of mindfulness.
This should reduce the breakouts. If they persist then find a good holistic health practitioner that can help identify any possible hidden infections in the specific organs. Practitioners such as: applied kinesiologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nurse practitioners, functional/integrative medical doctors, etc. Also you can see if they use any form of biofeedback machines to go deep into identifying what’s going on-these machines can help find frequencies of infections or imbalances.

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