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ARIES March 21 – April 19


There are some individuals that create goals and WILL achieve it. No question about if it will happen, the passion and energy an Aries puts behind any endeavor is something to be respected.

Aries brings STABILITY. These individuals combine confidence and strength, the perfect combination to create FOUNDATION in our world. This time of the zodiac creates innate leaders. Leaders not only in the aspect of the political realm, but also in the areas of music, media, corporations, etc. Aries thrive in goals and competition. Their ENDLESS energy needs to be directed into their passion. When this occurs, there is little that stops them.


Aries are full force with any goal or endeavor. Their is an innate tendency for Aries to defend, protect, and fight for the helpless or a worthy cause. Justice is central to this core value, and righting the wrongs in this world, whether it be in politics, family, music, etc., is the achievement the Aries seek. This is the reason why we look up to them…they make us feel safe. Aries will say what is on their mind, no filter, and others love them for that. It is almost as if they speak for the rest of us.

Aries’ individuals are headstrong, and at times driven by anger as they right the wrongs for others and WITHIN THEMSELVES. Often there are unresolved issues as a child, where they did not feel safe. This can come from pain in the childhood home. To create safety, they took on the responsibility for their own safety, they had to be strong because no one else would defend them. “No one else will protect me.” This can be the explanation why this sign will protect others at all costs, and love with deep passion…they give what they did not receive.

This all can lead to anger. Anger is commonly looked at as a negative thing, however there are positive aspects to it. For Aries, when this emotion is controlled, it can make them strong protectors, passionate builders, and powerful influencers.

The ability to speak as a leader comes from Aries’ soft side. A kind heart and the ability to empathize creates the energy of trust around these individuals. This is the reason that Aries born individuals make great CEO’s, judges, law enforcement officers, pastors.

Aries are individuals we look up to for guidance. We gravitate towards them because we sense their ability to make quick, solid decisions in stressful situations. The weight on the Aries can be very high since they are EXPECTED to know what to do…all the time.

Leadership, giving, and empathy can create a heavy pull on Aries individuals. The constant demand to control a situation and make the RIGHT CHOICE for others can create burnout. If burn out occurs, the Aries sign can experience negative patterns, especially with control, anger, and critical judgement.

The shift for Aries:
– Control – Be aware of which situations your are truly RESPONSIBLE for. You don’t have to control every situation!
– Talk and Express childhood pain – This can help process anger out.
– Don’t deny any weakness or pain inside -Pain plus resistance will create suffering.
– Take on healthy competition and physical activity – Put your energy into building physical and mental strength.
– If you are tired, be aware of how much time you spend with individuals that need “fixing”.

Your constellation has patterns that describe a story of justice. You see the wrongs in this world and move to make them right.

The decans in Aries:
Cassiopeia, The Enthroned Woman – You see the beauty and true heart in those around you, and seek to defend at any cost. You create safety and justice.
Cetus, the Sea-Monster – You see the negative energy and true enemies of the world and will stamp them out.
Perseus, The Breaker – Breaking the chains for others to live safe comes through your being. You express it through all forms of life, especially your work.

You make the world safe!

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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