Attraction: The Good With the Bad

Attraction practices involve both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. To receive what you desire, you are willing to understand that RECEIVING a positive outcome may require going through hard times.

To attract and receive in full capacity in Traditional Chinese Medicince, each step in your journey must involve the Yin(Receiving) and the Yang(Giving). This means that you will have to let go of certain things to receive.
If something is holding you back or getting in the way of what you truly desire, your nervous system will CHOOSE and FOLLOW the physical paths in life to release those things.

Letting go of anything, a job, relationship, family, trauma, phobias, etc. can create literal physical pain in your life. Why? You created a neurological network in your body and brain that created dependency, and when you release, your physical and chemical makeup change. The signals your body has so become accustomed to stops…and your body feels as though its “starving”. When you are moving toward a goal, you may have to go on a fast. Stop feeding the blockages, be willing to encounter the hard times of letting go, and know your brain is choosing the most efficient path to get you where you want to go.

Remember, in neurology principles, pain is a perceived SIGNAL. Pain is an alert that there is a blockage in our nervous system. I know pain(physical and emotional) can be overwhelming many times, however if we can understand that it is revealing what holds us back, we can release and move forward. RESIST the urge to view a tough time as moving backwards.

In health, many times your brain, body, and mind need to “break down” so they can rebuild. This is how textbook biology, neurology, physiology, and biochemistry principles operate. So let’s start rebuilding!

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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