When you have a goal or create a vision, it’s vital to see the end result in your mind. Write down the goal and SEE it, so that you start creating nerves in your brain that carry this vision. You will begin to create “high-speed” signals that communicate this goal to all the cells in your body.
Next allow yourself to FEEL presently what accomplishing the goal would feel like. Hopefully the feelings of joy, creativity, and gratitude come up when seeing the accomplished goal. Over the years in my clinic, I have seen more goals met within myself and patients when these 3 concepts are practiced. Remember to feel it all in the present, even at the beginning of your journey.

JOY, CREATIVITY and GRATITUDE are what drive you in tough times and easy times…this is the juice that keeps you from quitting. Setting your goal and your intention with all 3 at the beginning will help your brain solve problems WITHOUT HARMFUL STRESS RESPONSE. Instead of creating high stress levels with every problem, your nervous system will see the problems more as opportunities. You will create biochemistry in your body that will problem solve, instead of freaking out. You train your neurology to become grateful for the opportunities, creative in solving the problems. and joyful when you see your ingenuity work.
You will enhance the attraction in your life, because you gave your neurology permission to solve the problems to get you there. When you can look at problems without going into a “flight or flight” response, you conserve energy to handle the next opportunity. As this is happening, you are strengthening yourself to encounter and recognize more opportunities. Which means you are taking an active role in creating attraction. You aren’t sitting around waiting…you choose to move toward something so it moves toward you.

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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