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One of the most common denominators I see in patients with PTSD are those who have suffered from being CONTROLLED or MANIPULATED.

Too often I see patients have the hard journey of BREAKING FREE from being controlled by others, the revolving theme, “I can’t be me” or “I feel like I’m suffocating”. Whether freedom comes through a divorce, breakup, quitting a job, or leaving a long friendship, the after effects of deep neurological control training can produce PTSD symptoms later on throughout life.

There is no easy way to move through life if you have felt controlled. Many times my patients on the road to healing will have a setback, because they have walked into ANOTHER situation where they felt taken advantage of or manipulated … as if they are re-living the past. The original control could be what contributed to their health problems in the first place.

I often see individuals at the clinic who have clear physical manifestations of being controlled or manipulated. Their bodies express their UNCONSCIOUS reaction to control by unexpected emotional bursts, physical pain, or bio-chemical imbalance. It can be felt and seen as digestive issues, allergies, skin rashes, back pain, uncontrolled crying, emotional apathy, panic attacks, etc. The bodies REACTION is the automatic(autonomic) response of your defense mechanism against control.

Thyroid and adrenal glands help us produce and sustain our energy during times of sympathetic “fight or flight” events-being controlled. Living in a constant environment of control(early childhood, school, work, relationship, etc.) for more than 3-4 months, has clinically been shown to produce PTSD symptoms and reduce the amounts of stress hormones. Eventually the glands can become exhausted and stop producing an adequate amount of thyroid hormone, cortisol, and adrenaline for everyday activity.

Remember, there can be a positive side to the stress reaction. It is the HIGHER MIND attempting to grab your attention NOW in present conscious realm. Your body can unfortunately follow a literal pattern and path in the physical world that can perpetuate being controlled-BUT remember no shame or self blame, it’s a product of the programming. There are simple steps to help you re-route this unconscious programming.

– Sit, close your eyes, and think of the person or situation you feel controlled by.
– Feel if there is any sensation, pain or discomfort in any area of your body.
– Place one hand over your forehead to stimulate the brain, and place your other hand over the area that you feel discomfort.
– Breathe through your stomach as you think. This will stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system to help you overcome the sympathetic “fight or flight” response you have to the control programming.
– Repeat the steps as often as possible till your breathing regulates without shortness of breath, or tension when thinking of the person or situation of control.

You are now using your breath to control your autonomic or automatic nerve response to the trauma. This will train your body to see clearly how you are controlled, and to release your bodies bondage to the control. It will help you heal on your journey of PTSD.
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