The Myofascial System
Have you ever cried during a good massage or body work of any type? Your connective tissues hold memory of trapped traumas.
Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds all our muscles, organs, bones, brain, tissues, etc. Myofascia is the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles.
The importance of fascia release is vital when dealing with emotional or physical trauma that keeps your body locked down. When a trauma occurs, it can get trapped within the connective tissue.
The connective tissue is very flexible and composed mostly of water. Fascia transmits electrical signals of information. Trauma and emotions can trap themselves into bound up fascia. This represents itself as trigger points, sore points, or imbalanced acupuncture points, that are blocks to the electrical signals passing though the body.
Trauma can be represented as body pain, and it can be released by bodywork. Finding a myofascial therapist is one of the main components of emotional healing i recommend in the office. The more movement and relaxation within this fascia you have, the more you will process trauma, whether it be emotional, physical, or spiritual.
Not only is body work essential; it also helps maintain the acupuncture system within the connective tissue. We will discuss this even more at another time!

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