Do you have the problem of never being able to say no? Been there, still there sometimes.

The word “no” makes most of us think of the negative. No does not equal rejection. Our culture has been trained to believe that saying no will hurt or reject someone else. This is only because we aren’t doing what they ask or desire.

Remember, every time we reject something, you are accepting something else.
What if, by saying no, you gain:

  1. Simplicity
  2. Gratitude
  3. Peace

If these three things are produced by saying “no”, you are only creating more positivity. Those 3 things are my primary boundaries. If I cannot produce these things when I am asked to do anything, I take a step back and reconsider. This will allow you to see things more clearly through your heart. When you have a boundary, you don’t have to guess how little or more you have to do.

It lets others know that you do only what you can do. Life is stressful when everyone has full expectations of you…cut it off, set a boundary.🙂

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