There are lymph nodes that run through the brain. Research has found these glands running through the head.

Lymph glands transport toxins out of the bloodstream and tissues of our bodies.

Many of my patients have conditions such as Lyme disease, EBV, Strep, Chronic sinus or bronchitis which can infect the brain.

The toxins from the infections can settle into the brain tissue, which can create inflammation and free radical damage.

Bounding-with a small trampoline or bouncy ball, or even light jumping jacks help move the lymph glands.

Muscle movement move lymph glands by contractions throughout the day.

Sleeping at night does not allow much lymph flow because you don’t move that much at night.

When a person with a chronic condition wakes up, the stagnant lymph has to move the toxins out.

This can make you feel worse in the morning, because of the toxins in the brain from the infections.

Bounding will move the lymph and move the toxins out, so your brain can heal!

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