The way we perceive and view reality is based on the way our brains are wired. Our brains are molded and conditioned by our experiences throughout our lives, especially in our early years. This conditioning creates a network of fibers in our brain that act as a filter.
If we are conditioned with anger, anxiety, or the fear to move forward, we will see the world through that filter. For example, if I am trained throughout my life to be afraid of change, or never think outside the box, I will continuously filter out that belief in everything I read, see, hear, etc.
To create change, we have to rewire the brain to expect new experiences. When we re-wire, we create new filters to open up our minds, body, and brain to receive positive changes. The reason we can miss opportunities is simply because we never looked for them.
How do we create change?
* Create a vision board.
* Practice daily mindfulness techniques, such as intentional meditations and prayers.
* Watch Dr. Joe Dispensa‘s video on rewiring. It’s awesome!
* Ask! Never be afraid to ask God/Divine for guidance and fulfillment of a vision.

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