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CANCER – The Crab – June 21 to July 22

The definition of this sign is the EMBRACED, the RESTING PLACE.

Cancer signs, YOU FEEL…AND YOU CARE. This is a special combination that can often label you as the caretaker. You can feel emotions, empathize deeply, and also sympathize. Feelings are very important to you; how emotions are fed and rewarded is a foundation to your character. Your intention is to make sure everyone FEELS good.

The archetype for Cancer is the parental type. You can feel others and sense what is needed in their lives more than they do. Seeing others in need touches deep to the core and you will go out of your way to create an environment of care for them.

Not many individuals want to sympathize (feeling the pain of another) but it comes naturally to you. Feeling for others places a self-placed responsibility on your shoulders. This sign desires a certain amount of respect since it is the mother/caring constellation-it’s benevolent love though.

Romantic…so much

The world is a much kinder, selfless, and giving place because of these giving individuals. The FUN energy is amplified from this sign. They give and give, even at the expense of their time, health, and money. Friendships are meant for life with this constellation.

The act of giving and caring comes so natural. The idea “I’m loved by how much I care or give” replays in their subconscious. Fatigue creeps in and a tired Cancer can feel that they don’t receive the love that they put out. This all can lead to internal resentment and anger.

Cancers care to the extreme that they become desensitized to their own feelings.
It can get to the point that guilt can creep in, when a Cancer takes a “day off”, a day to themselves.

Be mindful how much personal energy you give out. These are common characteristics of fatigue with cancer if you were born in:
– End of June – You May feel the need to control or dominate to make sure everyone else is ok.
– Middle of July – You’re very protective; you desire to create a calm environment so everyone feels cared for.
– End of July – It can create anxiousness in you; you want to avoid situations that could make you or anyone else uncomfortable.

You have parental energy. Your constellation tells a story of compassion and selfless giving.

Ursula Minor – The Lesser Sheepfold(Little Dipper) – You are the center of focus, even if you don’t like the spotlight. You are the guiding light to those who are not cared for and who hurt. Others follow your light!
Ursula Major – The Sheepfold(Big Dipper) – You create the Of SELFLESS CARE AND NO EXPECTATIONS, the place, that everyone calls home.
Argo – The Ship – The final Destination…your sign placed importance on resting in TRUE SELF. Finally at the spot where everyone is accepted for who they are and not how much they give out…UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

– Take a day to yourself! Allow yourself to be pampered.
– Surround yourself with other individuals that are giving. Do not hang out with takers.
– If someone wants to take you out and buy you a dinner, let them do it.
– Schedule and times within the month to treat yourself to something fun!
– Be aware that you do not have to take care of everything!

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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