CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 19

I’ve heard that consistency brings success. There are some individuals who have the innate ability to see a vision, create a plan, work that plan, and make it happen.

This is Capricorn.
Great Managers-of life and money
Love Family and Tradition

Capricorns have the ability to achieve anything when they set their mind to. Telling a Capricorn that their idea can’t be accomplished, will more than likely prove you wrong. They will find a way to make their vision succeed. And most of the time, it is through smart, consistent, hard work. Yes, Capricorn’s are stubborn, but this tenacious energy allows them to climb higher and higher and achieve at will. The only thing that holds them back is themselves, which is not a bad thing:)

Capricorns bring INSPIRATION to our world. Others look to this sign to bring passion back into their lives. Passion is at the center of this individual, and others see it. You are highly regarded because of your values and work ethic, which others hope will “rub off” on them. Why do they want a piece of the Capricorn? Simply, the CAP can see the vision, create a plan, and know they can accomplish it just by putting it into action. That is their gifting. When the world sees that dreams can come to reality with determination and passion, it inspires everyone TO TRY. NOTHING is accomplished if we don’t try…If you are this sign, YOU INSPIRE OTHERS TO KEEP GOING.

Self-discipline and self-control guide the Capricorn’s daily life. Even if the paths are rocky and twisted(the daily battles), the Capricorn CHOOSES to stay focused, ignoring distractions to accomplish their vision. Often their vision involves the benefit and growth of others, which creates more determination in this sign. Especially the good of others.

The determination to achieve/provide for themselves and others creates a high demand. The demand can develop unhealthy PERFECTIONISM. “I don’t feel happy or good enough, if everything isn’t perfect.” This can make the Capricorn work even harder to create the perfect setting-within themselves and their environment. This can lead to exhaustion.

Perfect presentation and appearance are important to Capricorn. You often see their external living space mimicking their internal environment: organized, efficient, and detailed. Sometimes presentation is more important than how they FEEL, especially when tired. This does not mean that Capricorn is full of pride or EGO. There is a natural gift to create success and achievement inside, but it can work against them if they aren’t careful.

If a Capricorn keeps working and working to achieve, especially for others they love, can push them to fatigue and burn out. They are natural HARD WORKERS. The perfection they seek in their work and life can start to turn inward, where they expect nothing less. Capricorn’s can be very hard on themselves, they can be their own worst critic. Shame and guilt are natural feelings in a Capricorn if they didn’t do a “good enough job.” As they over analyze themselves, they will often over analyze everything…everyone else. Sometimes this can lead to high expectations of others, which can create isolation. Capricorn’s need time alone, but they do need time with those they love.

Let’s avoid isolation:
– Learn to take a break, from work and thinking!
– Create times and spaces of rest in your schedule
– Broaden your perspective, learn to see the view points of others without judgement
– Be aware that you are not responsible for how others perceive you. You be you!
– Don’t hang around with lazy individuals who have no vision.
– Don’t be so hard on yourself, you do enough!

The three decans of Capricorn show your tenacity. It represents the Capricorn narrative to face fear, work through it, and lead into God-given success.
– Sagitta – The Arrow: This arrow is aimed at the scapegoat. You are willing to endure and bear the pain to see the good, not only in yourself but in all those around you.
– Aquila – The Eagle: The purest eagle signifies that you learn from your mistakes. If you fall, you will get back up and try even harder and will achieve.
– Delphinus – The Dolphin: as you rise up from your mistakes, you will leave higher did you ever have before. He will crest the waves.

Psalms 19 says, “God’s splendor is a tale that is told; his testament is written in the stars. Space itself speaks His story every day through the marvels of the heavens. His truth is on tour in the starry vault of the sky, showing His skill in creation’s craftsmanship.”

Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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