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Again let me state-I am not against dairy:) Some individuals can digest it and some can’t. I just want to give the ins and outs of how it can create inflammation and weight gain in those who can’t process it.

There are two types of proteins in milk:

  1. 1. Casein-the protein that most cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt are made from
  2. 2. Whey-the liquid portion left over after casein is removed


Casein is the portion that most people are allergic to. There are two forms of casein:

  1. 1. A1-associated with disease and illness with a high addictive “opiate” effect. Cow products containing A1 are usually fed bST(bovine hormones), genetically modified corn, and synthetic vitamins.
  2. 2. A2-associated with cows fed with grass, natural vitamin sources, and low stress humane conditions. This milk is similar to goat, sheep, buffalo, yak milk.

In my conversation with patients and colleagues, the greatest source of casein comes from raw milk sources. I am not telling you to go purchase raw dairy, I am only stating that research and testimonies from others is showing it has positive effects. This is simply from the high amounts of good bacteria and natural enzymes in the dairy that helps break down the proteins(and sugars).


Whey contains healthy levels of natural vitamins and minerals. It contains natural sulfur compounds called biothiols which helps with detoxification by producing glutathione, the body’s natural anti-oxidant.

Whey is a healthy product in most cases. Many individuals with dairy allergies can tolerate it. However, have a professional test you for both proteins.

If you choose a whey powder, get one from an organic source. If no bloating, gas, digestive issues, etc. occur, then it usually means you can keep using it as a source of muscle and health development.

I usually ask patients to avoid both casein and whey if they have milk allergy. In my opinion, I would not take any chances in creating an allergic response when dairy is involved. You can take the 2 week rule and avoid it, then add whey or casein back in and see what it does to your digestion.

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