Our CELLS create an enormous amount of energy. We run MILLIONS of energy producing cycles (kreb cycle) every second.

We create so much energy. Scientists say that the brain has enough energy to run a nuclear power plant…if it is running at full capacity.

Research is showing that we use less than 10% of our mental energy to run our daily lives. The rest of the 90% is constantly running our negative emotions and programming within the unconscious. They say if we used just 18-20% of our full capacity, we could have the power to heal our bodies with just our thoughts.


Fear is one of the greatest hindrance to cell energy production. Fear distracts your cells and brain from being aware of the root causes of our pain and trauma. This distraction robs the cells of energy, and can continuously fortify the fear. The energy taken up by fear should rather be used for bringing awareness to the MIND.

Awareness does not mean we keep re-living memories that cause high amounts of pain. That is fear talking. Awareness gives your cells information that is necessary to clear the brains adaptations that held on to the fear.

Pain can be one of the bodies way of REMINDING us that we have fear. Fear hinders CONNECTION to the Mind and God/Divine. Our bodies will allow pain to be produced so that we will seek AWARENESS.

Awareness starts with what we have discussed in earlier posts.
– Holosync
– Surrender
– Pineal gland health

When awareness comes and fear is released it can free up energy in your cells and brain. This energy is then used to do what it was meant to do – HEAL.

Your life is an artwork called healing. Trust God, trust your body, trust the life that’s within you.
Styled and Shot by @lindsayblaze

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