Good CBD Criteria:

  • When choosing and testing CBD, I recommend you find oils that:
  • Organic or Non GMO
  • Pesticide Free
  • Free of chemical solvents
  • Free of additives or preservatives

Do your best to find companies that have this quality control checklist. One of the main attractions of CBD oil is its ability to clean and enhance receptor sites on our cells. Remember this is the ECS, the endocannibinoid system – which brings balance and homeostasis to our cells, tissues, and body systems. Chemicals or pesticides can toxify the body and prevent the cells from absorbing the CBD.

Check CBD amounts:
The problem with many CBD oil companies is that they do not measure and list the actual content of CBD on the bottles. This could lead to an individual getting poor results because the amounts of CBD are low. Check and make sure the ingredients are organic/pesticide free with the amounts of CBD clearly stated on it.
Bottles of CBD, I can have 500 mg to 1000 mg of CBD contained. Each dropper full which is about 20 drops can contain at up to 15-16mg of CBD. 15mg of CBD is a full dosage. You want to start slower than that. A high concentration of CBD is usually 15 to 16 mg with each each dropper full which is 1 mL.

Oil vs. Tincture:
CBD can be delivered in a tincture form or a sublingual oil form. Both forms work well on delivery method. It truly depends on the individual on which form their body absorbs the best. You have to try them out and see which one you feel the best results with. It’s not a matter if the herbal tincture form is better than the sublingual oil or vice versa, it depends on how a persons genetic makeup allows them to breakdown the CBD to deliver it to the ECS!

Different body types may require different CBD strength or brands:
So don’t be frustrated if one product that meets good criteria does not give results you want. Different forms and strengths of CBD may need to be investigated to see which one works best for you. I see that many patients report that only one brand worked for them, even when the brand was clean of chemicals. Different CBD sources vary in effectiveness and it can be due to its delivery method.

Oil Base:
Some oils use olive oil base, coconut oil base, etc. but check and see if you have a sensitivity to any of the carrying oils! That’s a big deal, you could be having low results if your body is fighting off a sensitivity rather than absorbing the CBD. A food sensitivity test or just trying different oil bases will show you which one helps the most.


  1. Start slow = 1-5 drops a day, if you feel better after this dosage it is recommended to go up to two dosages a day(morning and night)
  2. Steadily increase=eventually many individuals can increase up to 20 drops twice a day (morning and night).

It takes time for cannabinoids to build up in your body and blood stream. Sometimes you have to be patient to get the results you want overtime.

*If you feel heavy detox symptoms or lightheaded consistently, reduce your dosage by half and try that. If it consists you can try a different strength or brand. Always remember to consult your physician if any problems arise or if you have questions.

The brands I suggest are listed only because I have tried them, and I have personally seen the results they have had on patients of mine. These are just suggestions, you can research and see if other CBD oil’s meet a good quality criteria. You can choose whatever you want, but I recommend you make sure they are clean products!

I have seen good results and feedback from:

  • Quicksilver Scientific-Nano-emulsified Colorado Hemp Oil
  • Magna Nutrients CBD Oil
  • Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil
  • Mary’s Medicinals CBD Oil
  • Elixinol CBD Oil

You can check out their websites and see their quality control. If you see something that I haven’t mentioned or known about these products please let me know!
Starting next week, you will be able to order CBD from our office through our website aka Mots Shop ;)!

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