Choosing the right strength of CBD is very important as well. Basically, any individual that has suffered bad accidents, has severe neurological disorders (such as MS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Lyme disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, severe adrenal fatigue, etc.) will require higher amounts as time moves forward. The ECS within these individuals are usually so low and starving for cannabinoid stimulation that they require higher amounts.

Chronic conditions may require the use of CBD with amounts as high as 100 mg per dropper full. I still suggest that you work your way slowly with 1-5 drops at night and then 1 to 5 drops in the morning. Work your way up to 10 drops in the morning and 10 drops at night then you can combine it to 20 drops-one dropper full.

Monitor your symptoms and detoxification. If you feel better then, you may have the ability to add another dropper full of the high strength CBD.

Activation of the ECS system in chronic cases can open up more information about your self in the area of nutrient deficiencies. It is not a bad idea to get the nutrients with in your body checked and tested while you are on CBD.

After taking CBD for an extended period of time, and still having some nutrient deficiencies such as vitamins or minerals only shows that you do need to take those nutrients. They are true deficiencies. Now you will have the ECS and nutrients working together, an awesome combo!

If you have a chronic condition, research higher strength CBD products. Remember these are just suggestions, start with strength and dosages that are light and easy to process at the beginning.

Less is always more! Power vs. Force!

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