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Many times in the office I get the question, “Why am I more sick than anyone else in my family?” Why aren’t my brothers, sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, etc. having the same problems as I? Even if we all have the same genes.

In genetics, it is understood that you and I get 50% of our genes from each parent. Not only do we get exact replicas of some of our parents features, but also of our ancestors…from many generations past.

Portions of our genetic code are exact replicas of our family lineage.

The portion or section of genes we received have the same vibration as the ancestor who gave it to us.

According to genetic/psychology research, genes vibrations are affected by emotions, thoughts, and trauma. The way our parents or ancestors think, thought, experienced pain etc. I directly resonate with this section of the gene they gave to us.

If members of your family line all share genetic coding that contain emotional pain, sickness, disease, or trauma, why are only a select few sick. Shouldn’t everyone have the same health issues?

Why do you have a genetic combination that programs you? Do you have more health problems than anyone else in your family?

In neuropsychology, there is research that point to this phenomena, and the researchers say you were CHOSEN.

They state that the innate vibrations of our mind and personality created a willingness. A willingness to accept the genetic coding so that we could heal the family trauma and pain through DNA: PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE.

You were CHOSEN to become aware. Aware of the hidden PAIN and TRAUMA in your family lineage. These patterns would continue to perpetuate sickness if someone didn’t come along to expose them.

Pain is evidence that there is hidden fear.

You were chosen to EXPOSE THE FEAR.

In your journey, remember, as you heal, you heal you family history, present, and future.

Grace covers you and grace chooses you.

Happy Healing! 🦋

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