What are the basic things without supplements or medications you can do to process the pain?

I am asked often from my chronic patients in the clinic, “What simple things can I do daily to alleviate pain?”

There are basic practices that neurologists say support and fortify pain therapies you may be receiving for chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Lyme, EBV, Osteo/ Rheumatoid Arthritis, and others. I encourage my patients to attempt 3 things in their every day life to remind their bodies that external movement increases internal movement. We will discuss all 3 that help chronic pain conditions in the next few posts.

Walking: It may sound simple, and it is. However the neurological and detoxification benefits are quite eye opening when analyzed.

The act of walking just 1000-2000 steps a day at a consistent time creates strength in the brain, immune system, and anti-inflammatory system (cytokines) by the gate/walking pattern of your arms moving with your legs.

For example, left Arm moves forward while the right leg moves forward, this creates a balance as you walk. This pattern connects your left brain with your right. The limbs on your left side are controlled by the right brain and vice versa. The coordination of the joints create an efficient communication between both sides of the brain. It increase the synovial fluid movement around your joints and increases blood flow to all the ligament and muscle attachments to your bones.

Within any chronic condition, this pattern is very important. Movement and muscle contraction in a normal gate pattern is what moves lymph fluid through your lymph nodes. Lymph is the fluid that receives toxins from your blood vessels and carries it to be expelled through your waste. These toxins can include inflammatory particles given off from chronic illness or conditions.

I know movement is painful for fibromyalgia, and I understand the intensity of what you feel… but move as much as you can, even if it is a short 5-10 minute walk, especially in the morning.

Lymph is static and slow moving during the sleeping hours. Blood pools mainly in the liver at night to be cleansed. Movement is needed to start pumping your lymph nodes and blood to remove toxins out of your joints and muscles (which have accumulated overnight). Muscle contractions move lymph. Please keep moving as much as possible!

Movement is one basic step to pain maintenance!
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