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Many times I have patients tell me that they don’t believe their thoughts, intentions, or prayers are heard.

Our brains were designed to both send out messages and also receive them.

In Neuroscience, researchers have long been aware of the brains capability to “pick up” on the subtle sounds and tones that are too low for the ear to hear.

Remember, the brain INTERPRETS what type of frequencies enter the ear. It does not have to be in the audible range, for it to be called a sound. Sounds are FELT as much as they are heard.

What is happening when we don’t FEEL as if we are making connection to the Mind or God/Divine?

The pineal-pituitary-hypothalamus axis is an area of the brain which lights up during prayer, meditation and HOLOSYNC on brain scans. This physical portion of our brains connect with God/Divine and the Mind.

The pineal gland is especially sensitive to the subtle tones and sounds. Researchers have stated that this gland is designed to “tune in” to theta frequencies. The frequencies of prayer and connection to the Mind and God/Divine.

Anything that fatigues this gland can hinder your connection.

The connection can be effected by:
– Stressful environment – home, work, or school
– Chronic Sinus Infections – microbes in the head, such as strep, staph, EBV, or Lyme can harm the pineal.
– Radiation – the effect of Wi-Fi and cellular vibrations have been shown to affect pineal function (just look in your phone at the ABOUT section in the General info area-go to LEGAL section and look at RF exposure…interesting).
– Lack of good essential fatty acids in our diets, such as healthy fish or plant oils. Fats build the brain and all the glands within it. Good fats help us transmit signals at high levels.

This post is not to sound discouraging, it is to hopefully give you insight into what may be hindering your connection. So you don’t BLAME YOURSELF! These things can actually have an input in the way you connect to the spiritual world.

Our bodies are wholistic in nature, you cannot separate the physical from emotional or the spiritual…they all effect each other.

If you don’t feel connected, check these areas out in your life and see if they apply to you.
If so, gently detoxing the body of these problems can definitely get the pineal ready for sending and receiving.

Find a holistic practitioner who can address these types of issues.

Let’s get CONNECTED.

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