If you suffer from chronic or frequent constipation, it is one of the biggest indicators of thyroid imbalance and overall digestive toxicity – even if no other symptoms are occurring.

Constipation is your body’s way of telling you that there is a block or chronic drain in the Triple Warmer energy pathway in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The Triple Warmer is the main energy pathway that feeds the Thyroid, Heart, Small Intestine, Circulation/Hormones with chi.

Constipation can occur LONG BEFORE any thyroid or hormone imbalances are detected by blood test. Take this as a positive, if you are constipated it almost always leads to hormone imbalance.

Just remember, constipation as an indicator that your thyroid and adrenals could be low even if you presently feel energetic.

I have seen herbs and spices used in TCM and Aryuvedic medicine help with constipation and strengthen the Triple Warmer meridian. These are suggestions you can research, and ask your primary care practitioner what they think:

  • Mimosa Pudica-also helps cleanse parasites, so be careful
  • Noni (Morinda) powder – also kills bad microbes
  • Cascara Sigrada – also kills parasites, be mindful
  • Triphala

Guys, once the Triple Warmer meridian and all the organs associated become balanced, your bowels should start moving. Yes, infections and toxins can be a culprit for your constipation, but if you feed energy to this meridian, it will allow your body to cleanse gently on it’s.

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