As you heal, you will change.

The body follows what the mind feels, thinks, and believes. Your choice to heal is a choice to change. 

Your body will shift emotionally, chemically, structurally, and spiritually. 

As shifting occurs, your FILTERS become stronger, more aware of your internal and external environment. 

This awareness reveals to you more and more of the timeline and patterns you have repeated during periods of sickness and pain. 

The timeline can look like:
– Trying to meet expectations and demands
– Feeling GUILTY that you can’t do it all
– Getting tired
– Getting sick
– Trying to regroup
– More coffee
– Repeat

Healing shows us that we placed too many expectations on ourselves, and there is no guilt if you CAN’T DO IT ALL.

When this happens, our bodies and our psychology naturally pulls back from the old pattern. 

Instead of PUSHING for things to happen, we RECEIVE and allow GOD/DIVINE to FLOW TO US. There is no extra energy involved, no exhaustion, just open hands.

Receiving will inevitably create space. Space between you, your family, friends, acquaintances, society, environment, relationships, work, etc.

People may say you have changed. And they are right, you probably have. You may not try and meet their unhealthy demands anymore. You choose balance and health. This creates space.

But the space is a natural buffer, a natural way your body rests in receiving. It’s a season you will go through to reveal the unhealthy PUSH and PULL relationships in your life. 

Receive info, peace and joy during this season. Your shift will create new patterns in you, and change the way others approach you. 

When you choose this path, everyone will learn to adapt. It’s a season. Keep receiving.

Proverbs says, “Know the importance of the season you are in and you will be wise.” 🦋
Art Direction and Style @lindsayblaze 
Portrait by @nathan_pirkle 
Hair by @missalycious

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