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Since we are talking about dairy and weight gain, I wanted to throw in a simple aerobic option to help any efforts in increasing metabolism. Cutting out dairy for some individuals plus aerobic walking/running has proven to drop weight for many of my patients.

If you don’t run or do not like running, still read this:) It is also meant for walking, jogging, and hiking.

I used to run quite a bit, but I did not do it smartly till the end of my running days. Maybe one day I will take it back up again. Still working on some knee issue with my meniscus…It will happen again! These are suggestions that helped me with running. Following these tips allowed me to run marathon and half-marathon races usually around the 7:40-7:50min/mile time frame. Where before I was at 8:45-9:10min/mile, I increased stamina, strength, and speed by a few simple steps.

We know that running can benefit our cardiovascular health, reduce stress, and give an endorphin high. Of course it is vital to make sure your structure and muscles are in alignment, but here are a couple of extra tips to make sure you stay in aerobic, fat-burning, oxygen rich exercise-all things to strengthen the thyroid, adrenals, and reproductive glands.


  • There is a brain exercise that can help keep you in aerobic training. For one full inspiration and expiration, choose an odd number of steps- 5 or 7. For example you choose 5, breathe in while running 3 steps and exhale on 2 steps. If it were 7 you would inhale on 4 and exhale on 3 steps. The fitter you become you will be able to take more steps on one breathe and will increase your oxygen intake and lower heart rate.
  • Running in your most productive heart rate-take your age, divide it into half and subtract from 120, this will give you the rate to start running below.  Even if you have to walk for a while, it’s ok. You benefit more when you stay in aerobic. Pick up the pace during normal exercise to get close to maximum heart but stay below. You will find that you will increase pace while heart rate stays low.

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