Should Thanksgiving include dancing? Yes, times infinity… I read a recent study that individuals from a nursing home, suffering from conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer, high blood pressure, high heart rate, low seratonin and dopamine were placed into an environment that reminded them of their happiest times.

The indivuduals may not have remembered where they were from, but family members informed researchers what music and television programs the patients watched when they were young.

Subjects listened to music from the Beatles, Elvis, Sinatra, etc. Many, which were thought to be bed ridden, got out of their beds and danced!

Dancing stimulates physical, emotional, chemical, organ, and electrical centers of the brain.

Researchers found that the test subjects blood pressure, heart rate, dimentia, and mood all improved significantly in just two weeks during the 1 month program.

Their symptoms returned just afteralmost 2 weeks of stopping the program.

The point…dance during the holidays. It can be stressful with travel, family time, and shopping. You literally heal your body in all aspects by dancing to a good groove.

It also practices being present, cause when you dance, you’re really not thinking of anything else!

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