Depletion of energy can be a result of:

  1. Giving too much
  2. Taking on too much

Balanced energy comes from an equal interaction of energy between yourself and others.

Be mindful when you say or think:

  1. “This person gives me so much energy when I’m around them.”
  2. “They need me to be there, or else they won’t be happy.”

Be aware and cautious of the give and take mentality.

Research has shown that healthy relationships are based on the philosphy of amplification and encouragement.

Do your relationships amplify your vibration?

Does love and joy increase and amplify when you are around someone because they are on the same wavelength? Two waves that are similar in size and shape increase strength when they meet.

Remember, if joy and love arise and increase when you are around someone, it indicates that both of you have allowed those emotions to come out in your lives already.

There is no give and take of energy to make someone love you or be happy around you. It already exists in both of you.

For love to abound in the world, we must love ourselves.

My advice is to massage the heart reflex point. It is in the center of the left chest muscle and the center of the arm pit.

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