Many emails, texts, and social media questions from patients and the public have come to me asking about detoxification. This time of waiting has brought a self awareness to many individuals. Awareness of the body…how we think, process emotions, and how our normal diets actually affect the way we FEEL. The things we once ignored because of our busy lives have come to the surface now that we have more time to notice and think about them.

When the option of eating out or grabbing a quick meal becomes the non-normal, we are forced to sit, think, and plan a meal. The questions I have been receiving are centered around the action of detoxification, like spring cleaning while we wait. Most of us will say we want to clean up our diets, but the hard truth is that we were just too busy to plan it. Now we have time to change our habits; we have a gift of time to start cultivating a new course of progressive change that can strengthen us.

Remember, food is our primary source of energy, and it affects us in every way, especially:
* Our mood-emotions, how we think
* Immune strength
* Pain regulation-overall inflammation in muscles, joints, etc.
* Skin health-acne, breakouts
* Stamina and energy throughout the day

With the growing amount of proof and information out there about how food can heal us, it is so encouraging. Many of us want detoxification, because all of us have seen this time as a RESET. I have had so many patients talk to me how they want to declutter, purge, and detox their lives. This time of isolation has raised awareness to us that we may not be taking care of ourselves and helping our bodies out. We actually have time to feel what our bodies are saying. Keep listening, and hear what your body is telling you.

Habits change with 3-4 weeks of practice, so now is the perfect time to start. But where do we start? I know there are many diets and food programs out there, and if one has worked before in the past, then you can try again. I write in my former posts about body types and the best diets for each, but for this post we can keep it more simple.

To really spring clean, a good suggestion would be an AID (anti-inflammatory) diet. There are great resources out their such as Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Mercola, etc. An AID plan usually is similar to a mediterranean diet. But the general notion is to reduce many carbs and certain starches, limiting certain grains, increase vegetables and fruits, and consume healthy, organic proteins. Some of the plans give you specific sources of food that best fit this plan, and I have seen them work. It can be tough to follow because our carbs are cut way low! But, try it and stick with it, and you will definitely see the benefits. Check out some of the books by the above docs, or just research the meal plan on the net…we have the time.

Lets start cleaning out, create a new habit, and get stronger for the new season ahead.

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