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Development and the Stars

The study of embryonic development in relation to the constellation of the stars is fascinating.

There are research studies in both western and eastern medicine that connect the development of organ systems during certain celestial and lunar phases.

Astronomy research has compelled many types of disciplines such as physics, medicine, and biochemistry to do their own research on the effects of the constellations on the human body.

The effect of gravitational forces on mineral, ion, and nutrient blood composition is quite studied, and I particularly love the Traditional Chinese Medicine theories on the growth of the body while in the womb.

This force has an effect on our chemical balance and development which then correlates to our personalities and behavior.

I am not delving into the aspects and discussion that stars determine our future or control our destiny, that is a different aspect to astronomy. This post is discussing the effects on your biochemistry and acupuncture/electrical system which then influences the development of your personality and overall health.

The growth of the tissues in our bodies, such as muscles, ligaments, organs, nerve, skin, brain, etc. depend on the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) that FLOW to them. Nutrients are transported by the fluids in our bodies, such as amniotic fluid in the womb, blood from the mother, cerebral spinal fluid, etc.

Hope I don’t get too nerdy 🙂 The flow of body fluid is effected by pressure changes by the weather (storms or altitude) and the gravitational pull of the moon, sun, and STARS.

The more nutrients that flow to any organ, cell or tissue will result in more growth within that specific tissue.

For example, if more nutrients are flowing to certain parts of the brain, then that portion of the brain will develop more than the other portions. If that portion of the brain naturally produces dopamine, then the child may produce more dopamine. The development is influenced by a mixture of genetics, environment, epigenetics, toxins, and celestial gravitational pressure.

As a result, the child will have a more uplifted mood and be highly motivated. However, as the child develops into an adult with constant stress, the high production of dopamine could lead to dopamine burnout. This can occur if proper health habits aren’t utilized throughout life. Dopamine burnout can result in severe depression and low motivation.

Think of how the moon effects the tide on the shore. You can have high or low tide depending on how much pressure comes from the moon. According to astronomers, our fluids are pushed and pulled from the position of the sun, moon, and stars in relation to our location on the earth.

This is one way the constellations effects our mood, personality, and characteristics. Remember they also have an influence on the growth of all the other systems in our bodies as well. Too cool.

To many, the idea of the constellation positions describing our personality, body shape, or characteristics may seem unusual. But when we look at it from a biochemical, acupuncture, and physics angle it may bring more clarity.

We are speaking of describing…a description of you, not a determination of your future or destiny. That is a different topic.

I want this to be a help to allow all of us to see that seasons of the year with their constellations can have an impact on your health. Knowing your health and emotional characteristics in relation to these patterns can give insight on how to bring health and balance within yourself and with others.

This subject is known as the Zodiac. It has it’s influence and study in Chinese Medicine, Aryuvedic Medicine, Christianity, and almost every culture ancient culture in the world.

It may be controversial, but it is a means of information to know more about how God’s creation speaks to us all!

As Psalms 139 says, “You formed my innermost being, shaping my delicate inside and my intricate outside, and wove them all together in my mother’s womb.”
Illustration by @lindsayblaze

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