Do you feel the emotions of others? And do they effect your health?

What does feeling the emotions of others mean? Well, have you walked into a room full of people and everyone “felt” fine to you, but maybe one in the crowd stuck out? You felt a bit off around them. This is no criticism towards them; it is describing an ability for one person to feel the emotional vibration of another. It is very important that you take notice of these interactions, for the reason that it could affect your health.

Empathy is the ability for us to feel another persons emotions and UNDERSTAND which emotion it is, because we start to FEEL the way they do. This happens without us even knowing it is occurring. If our cells start to vibrate at the same rate as the person we encounter, then our cells can slow down or speed up with them…which can cause toxicity or inflammation. But why does this not happen with everyone you are around? Simply,,, they are vibrating on the same level as you. They are within your FREQUENCY RANGE, and thus you don’t feel a major change around them. This is not to say that people who affect you are all negative, they are just not in your comfort range for some reason.

Think of two tuning forks of the same note, for example a G tuning fork. You strike only one and the other will vibrate along with the original, because they are of the same frequency. This is called RESONANT FREQUENCY.

How does it happen? Researchers state that electricity is pulsing through our bodies at all times carrying information between our cells. Electricity runs through our nerves, brains, muscles, bones, acupuncture meridians, ligaments, cells, EVERYWHERE. As electricity is moving though us, the speed of the electrons create vibrations which pulsate out into a field-an electro magnetic field. If an individual has low electrical conduction because of depression, anger or negative emotions, they can have a lower vibration, and thus their electromagnetic field is smaller around their bodies.

Eventually their field can affect yours, and change the size of yours. In the next post we will talk of simple steps to help filter out which emotions are yours or others.
Illustration by Lindsay Blaze

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