They definitely can. And it can be for the good or the not so good.
The paths we choose are often determined by the programs that are hardwired within our brains.
It’s vital to create positive vision and SMALL goals that keep the brain firing a repetitive positive signal. Working toward the small goals create small victories that fire dopamine to keep your brain feeling pleasure for each STEP forward.
The unconscious mind is a blank slate for programs to be written on when we are very young. This age of formatting occurs from birth till about 2 to 3 years old.
The programs that are written in our brains come from our experiences through the 5 senses. These experiences come from our families, environment, toxins, infections, and spiritual influences. They format our bodies to respond in certain ways in every situation in life.
From these programs, we write belief systems within our bodies. We can create positive beliefs or self-limiting beliefs.
For example, if I have the belief that no one appreciates me or cares about me, I then can eventually choose a physical path in life that will fortify that belief. The belief has become my normal, and I feel “comfortable” with it. That means that I will choose friends, work, Social networks, and even religious groups that fortify the belief and original program. You can attract what you believe about yourself.
As these believes run in our brains, we eventually create a chemical response, which is linked to the emotional reaction. In other words, you can feel anger, resentment, distrust, self-esteem, etc.
The emotion you feel is an indicator that the original program is running. And that you may be fulfilling a path that correlates to your belief.
Creating short term victories is a mental practice that keeps the brain on track. Even if you don’t feel well or feel like you are making strides in your path, working toward the small goals will keep the vision firing in your brain.

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