Don’t Be Overwhelmed

We are all overwhelmed. There are too many things going on in our world. When it comes to health there are so many facts and new discoveries that it can be overwhelming to try and find out everything we want to know about us. There are so many blogs, health tips, medical journals, etc. we often wonder where to begin, or if we will find the answer to it all.

But health is a continuous journey. And with any journey, we adapt to the hills, curves, valleys, and blocks in the road. That’s what makes it hard, we are all so different and unique in our physiology, chemistry, and emotions. There is not a one-size-fits all remedy for everyone.

The one thing we all have in common is the ability to identify. If there are too many cobwebs in our lives, our bodies lose focus on what is important…and that is to create joyful ENERGY. If we could perpetuate joyful energy, most of our health ailments would leave or would not bother us.

Find out the simple things in yourself. Identify any toxic environments, whether chemical, physical, or emotional, learn to let them go. Get your genes tested and see how your body lets go of toxins(MTHFR). Just learning about you is the majority of the journey.


  1. Breathe – breathe deep in the stomach
  2. Sit still – learn to not move
  3. Focus – don’t multitask

Learn to be in the eternal now. You will see that all the future and past things that worried you will fade. It gives your body more space to heal and rest in the present.

Don’t be overwhelmed, darlin’!

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