If your skin is dry, investigate these three things:

1. Digestion problems

2. Thyroid weakness

3. Dehydration


The Stomach (ST 1), Gall Bladder (GB 1), Small Intestine (SI 19), and Large Intestine (LI 20) Meridians/Energy pathways all start or end on the face.

When digestion is slow or imbalanced it may  indicate inflammation in one of those digestive organs.

Inflammation within the organ will cause blockage in the acupuncture meridian. This will inflame points along the meridian pathway, especially the beginning or ending points.

The points on the face usually inflame and dry out because of the excessive heat coming from the organ. We can think of it as an overheated wire.


A tired thyroid will cause dry skin, loss of hair, loss of eyebrow hair, wrinkles, and sometimes CROWS FEET.

You can also have dry skin and bumps along the backside of the arms running down to the tip of the ring finger.

Low thyroid can show that B vitamins are not absorbed well. Low B in the body will result in dry skin.

Rub the upper outer corner of the eye or along your TMJ and see if it is tender. This can show you that your thyroid is involved.


Your large intestine absorbs and needs a high amount of water to remove waste. If you do not drink enough water it can continuously allow inflammation to build up.

Inflammation means you are evaporating water. Compare it to a car that is overheating. Water is essential for you to balance the heat in your body.

In conclusion:

Rub the digestive points, see which one is most tender, and massage every day for 30 seconds.

Find a good b vitamin that works for you.

Drink half your body weight in water.

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