Emotions and Food

In the office the most common food sensitivities that I see patients come in with are:

  1. Wheat – Gluten
  2. Corn – Zein
  3. Soy – Soy Flour, Soy derivatives
  4. Dairy – Casein, Lactose, Galactose
  5. Nightshades – Potatoes (White and Red), Green Peppers, Tomatoes
  6. Caffeine in Chocolate and Coffee -Theobromine, Theophyline, Xeoxanthine
  7. Eggs – Albumin, Choline
  8. Nuts – acids and fats within nuts

These foods are not bad within themselves. They may not be able to be digested because of two things:

  1. Genetics – you genetically cannot process the food
  2. Processed – if they are heavily processed

What does processing do to food?

  1. Extends shelf life of the food
  2. Improves the taste

When we eat processed food it puts a heavy load on our digestive organs. The reason being that the body does not recognize it as real food since it is so processed. Chemicals and additives are not natural in form, so the digestive system does not know which enzymes to produce in the gut to break down the food properly.

This irritates the digestive system and creates inflammation, confusion, and fatigue within the organs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine all organs are related to certain emotions. When a particular organ is imbalanced from foods that are not broken down, it can create and store the emotion it is linked with.

Stomach, Spleen, Pancreas = Low Self-Esteem, Disgust, Lack of Control, Hopeless, Worried, Over Concern

Gall Bladder and Liver = Resentment, Frustration, Anger, Repressed Emotions, DEPRESSED, Irrational

Small Intestine = Lost, Vulnerable, Insecure, Abandoned, Unrequited Love

Large Intestine = Crying, OCD tendencies, Defensive, Sadness, Yearning, Grief, CLOUDY THINKING

YOU ARE NOT CRAZY! The foods that are processed and not broken down properly can create these emotions!

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