Emotions and Oils

1. Find the organ(s) involved from the time your symptoms occur (acupuncture meridian clock from last post).

2. Research which emotions the organ(s) primarily processes (from the chart).

3. Investigate different oils and the specific emotions they help process. You can use the steps from yesterday’s post to help.🙂

4. Now you can put pieces of the puzzle together like a story. For example, you find your symptoms occur at 11am-1pm, the organ involved is the heart (which primarily processes love, abandonment, desertion). Another example is the kidney, which processes fear.

5. The oil you choose from the previous step processes certain emotions-research which emotion it is. Let’s say the emotion is anger, it could indicate a person has a hard time processing anger because they have felt abandoned. As long as the abandonment is present in the heart, anger will keep building.

6. Many practitioners find the acupuncture source point or the beginning and ending point of the organ(heart) which holds the emotion. They then place the oil on that point to help release the emotion.

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