In the digestive system the gallbladder and liver are specifically responsible for:

  1. Fat digestion
  2. Sugar digestion

Watch for “foods” that contain:

  • trans-fats in any processed food!
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • margarine
  • processed casein and lactose(dairy proteins)

(But remember any food you are sensitive to can create a reaction in these organs.)

These “foods” can make the liver and gallbladder over produce a substance called bile. Bile is a substance the liver makes and stores within the gall bladder to break down fats and some sugars. When fats or sugars enter the mouth, a signal is sent from the brain to the gallbladder telling it to get ready to dump bile in the stomach to break down the oncoming food. When any of the above foods are eaten in high amounts it starts to “back up” the gallbladder and liver, which can lead to gallbladder sludge or gall stones.

When the liver and gallbladder are overworked, the body can experience BLOATING, severe abdominal cramps, brain fog, overall gross feeling, MIGRAINES, JAW CLENCHING, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, knee pain, trap pain, or hip pains.

Emotions produced:

  • Resentment for past events
  • Frustration with life
  • Anger at anything
  • Repressed Emotions that come up for no reason
  • Irrational

If these emotions show up one day for no reason, check if you had any of the “foods” above. YOU ARE NOT MENTAL! REMEMBER THAT!

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