Effect on Energy:
When the subject of emotions comes up in the office, it is often connected to the idea that it is not a physical “thing” and thus does not have the same weight as an actual physical injury. That can’t be further from the truth.

Check out the research of Dr. Hamer, called Hamer Fields. He was mocked for his research on bio-field images that kept re-occurring on brain CT-scans of cancer patients. These fields occurred in parts of the brain that correlated with the location of the cancer in other parts of the body. He postulated that these fields were actually emotional fields held in a particular part of the brain. These fields stimulated the brain in a negative manner, creating toxicity and unusual cell activity in other parts of the body.

The research is fascinating, and I am not touching into the subject of cancer, I am just speaking of the ways emotions are locked into our brains and bodies.

There is heavy research in psychology and psychiatry that shows the correlation of negative stress emotions on the brain (EGG) with physical manifestations in the body. It has been researched that thoughts are fields which can create its own neuronal network-“nerve city” which is consistently charged when someone has obsessive thoughts about a trauma. ANYTHING that occupies the part of the brain that is near this “city” without even being connected to original trauma can be affected. That is how physical chronic injuries can occur from bad thoughts.

The brain stores info of emotional trauma just as it does physical trauma. Emotional or physical or chemical, etc. all are stored the same way…in an energetic format!

Remember energy creates neuronal networks of trauma. Emotional injuries store just as deeply as a physical injury, but sometimes with longer lingering effects.

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