We need ENCOURAGING WORDS AND THOUGHTS to prevent stress responses.

Chronic THINKING, especially on negative thoughts, can lead to exhaustion. Thinking takes up a ton of energy, and energy is created with essential vitamins and minerals. Stressful thinking creates a biological PATTERN of taking your nutrients and using them more for creating imbalanced stress hormones than creating serotonin, dopamine-the relaxation and feel good hormones.

Remember this pattern of chemical release is TRIGGERED by negative thoughts. When your brain is eventually depleted of energy, you can go into a “fight or flight” response. Which means, you may start to look for the NEGATIVE in all situations. The brain will start to look out for the unexpected, or what is coming around the corner?! As a result, our words also become negative. Words express the underlying subconscious and unconscious programs running in our bodies. Words can perpetuate the thoughts that are going inside our heads, whether good or bad. We choose words that strengthen the chemical release in our brains; in essence the words create a type of biochemical drug release…we can start to crave it.

The cycle:
– Chronic exhaustion from negative thoughts and stress
– Stress responses-PTSD
– Speaking negatively from our stress
– The brain hears it – We keep releasing biochemicals to reinforce the stress pattern

Scientist say when we practice gratitude and thankfulness we prevent the brain from firing anxiety chemicals.

Researchers suggest we can try three steps with words to fight stress:
– Think on love, life, and growth.
– What is the first picture that comes to your mind when you think of these three things?
– Repeat words audibly to yourself of gratitude and thankfulness for whatever or whoever you thought of. Make this your days meditation or prayer.

Start your daily prayers and meditations no matter how long they, but just keep repeating them!
Photo and Style by @lindsayblaze

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