Emotions are thoughts. Thoughts are fields of energy. Fields are made up of waves of sound. Energy is matter, e=mc2… weird.


When we talk about frequency medicine, we are directly referring to how the body creates sound. All cells vibrate because they are alive. And the vibration of cells in our body creates sound waves.

We live in a world full of waves: x-rays, UV rays, infrared, visible light, EMOTIONAL, etc. which all create sound. We cannot hear the sounds they make because the waves they create are too small, BUT they can make BIG changes to the VIBRATION of your cells.

Your cells work all day to keep its metabolism (food in-waste out-rest) in balance. This movement within the cell creates a balanced sound called the normal range. Anything that can push or pull the cell out of its normal range can create sickness within the cell. If a cell vibrates too fast it can create inflammation, or if it vibrates too slow it can build up toxicity.

Bad emotions from yourself or from other people can create harmful vibrations to your cells. It can cause them to come out of “normal range” – making them slow down or speed up. Sick emotions create sick cells. Why? Every cell has specific receptors that bind to specific neurotransmitters (brain chemical messengers) created by emotions.

When you get angry, every cell in your gets angry. When you are happy all your cells experience happiness, that’s how it works.

Main Point: The Energetic Fields of your environment will start to shift the vibration of your cells to MATCH the vibration of that field. If you live in an environment of resentment, frustration, anger, hate, worry, etc. your cells will vibrate with it. Don’t create sick cells!


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