Enjoy the time you have and let it be a healing artwork.

Emotions process more efficiently and consistently with movement.

However, it does not mean that moving quicker will process an emotion faster. Slow, steady movement can process emotions just as much as a run or quick jog.

Research has been showing that our emotions heal at a faster pace when we slow down and are single minded.

Slowing down trains your mind that the most important time you have is now, call it walking meditation. Yes, we all have demands such as meetings, appointments, travel, work, etc. We all have to pick up the pace and move quicker each day. Let’s practice slowing down even in the rush times.

When the mind is more in present time, it helps us let go of the past and stop worrying about the future. We can efficiently process emotions when we practice a few simple things.

  • Walk-practice walking with a clear mind, a walking meditation and noticing where we are at present to process the emotions we are experiencing
  • Walk at half pace-avoid walking fast, breathe, ENJOY THE PRESENT
  • Show up 15 min early-gives you time to wind down and not worry about being somewhere right on time
  • Plan double time-if a meeting is planned to take 30 minutes, schedule it for an hour to give yourself enough time to catch up

It may seem too simple, but I have seen it help many patients, myself included. We may not have control of the events around us, but we can control how we approach them. Moving slower helps alleviate anxiety and pensiveness. We need to learn to enjoy our time here.

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