The FIRE element, it is a description for the individual who has been shaped by genetics, environment, and God to rely on the HEART, THYROID, and ADRENALS to process stress more than the other organs in the body.

This is especially for all the 1, 3, 7, and 8 in the ENNEAGRAM.

These organs help process emotions of:
– Deep unrequited love
– Abandonment
– Desertion
– Instability
– Vulnerability and Lost
– Anxiousness and paranoia
– Hysteria – laughing when a person should be crying

If you commonly deal with these type of emotions, then you could be a FIRE constitution.

The FIRE peeps are:
– High energy
– Passionate
– Love hot, dry environments
– Likes to get things done early, then wants to do nothing by 1 to 2 o’clock

Heart, Thyroid, and Adrenals
When these organs are balanced and healthy, they can process these types of emotions without holding on to them because the body has the energy to do so.

High levels of stress and emotional fatigue will overwork these organs to the point where they cannot process emotions through the body efficiently. These emotions eventually get backed up in the organs and then begin to express themselves consciously.

Not only do the emotional symptoms show, but physical and chemical problems can arise within the organs.
Symptoms such as:
Heart problems or conditions
High Blood Pressure
Anxiety or paranoia
Sleep Issues-fast heart rate
Weight loss
Thyroid problems – Hashimoto, Graves’ disease, hypo or hyperthyroid
Adrenal burnout

These individuals whether they know it or not have Joy at the center of there being. These individuals are wired to view life through a lens of joy.

Any situation is judged by the amount of joy it does or doesn’t bring.

Too much joy or too little JOY can weaken the fire element. There has to be a healthy balance in the body. Overbearing Joy can lead to hysteria, anxiety, and feeling out of control. Low levels can bring feelings of abandonment and loss… Where is the love.

In traditional Chinese medicine there are a few simple rules to help cultivate the fire element:
– You must practice being present Dash no worries of the future or regrets of the past
– you do not have to get everything done right now, let things flow to you
– remember you do not have to be perfect or right in every situation or conversation, take the pressure off yourself
– literally practice moving slower in your daily life, give your heart a rest – Move slower in a high paced world

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