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A METAL/AIR constitution describes a person who processes the majority of stress through the LUNGS or LARGE INTESTINE.

The Lungs and Large Intestine are sister meridians that process emotions of GRIEF and MELANCHOLY.

This is especially for all the 4’s and 5’s in the ENNEAGRAM.
These organs help process emotions of:
– Sadness
– Crying: sudden and without warning
– Yearning
– OCD – racing thoughts
– Defensiveness
– Cloudy Thinking
– Difficulty letting go
– Feeling our of control or controlled by others

These emotions describe the METAL/AIR constitution.
The METAL/AIR individuals are:
– Deep thinkers
– Introspective and philosophical at times
– Like to investigate and find out the why’s
– Love the Fall/Autumn season
– Ready for new experiences in life; let go of the past

Balanced Large Intestine will help a person let go of old emotional and physical baggage. A healthy Lung will allow a person to breathe in the new experiences and lessons of life. Out with the old and in with the new.

When these organs are out of balance, an individual is prone to hold on to past, draining thoughts. There is difficulty in letting go of them simply because the Metal/Air constitution is geared to solve the problem and figure it out. It can create high amounts of fatigue in these organs which lead to unexplained sadness and grief. Many times unexpected crying happens with this imbalance.

When an METAL/AIR constitution is tired it can lead to feelings of Low-Self Worth along with the Grief. They search for the truth, why don’t others do the same? Am I accomplishing what I NEED to in life?

Often when this individual is tired, it can result in the search for worth through money, status, fame, or position. It is only because the person does not feel as if they are worthy of love or attention. It often can lead to loneliness and isolation.

When they do reach their goals, it can still leave them unfulfilled.

Physical and chemical problems can arise within the organs as well:
– Diarrhea
– Constipation
– Colon issues – Chron’s, UC, diverticulitis
– Chronic sore throats
– Sinus congestion
– Lung problems – bronchitis, emphysema, etc.

BELIEF is at the center of the AIR/METAL individuals.

Knowing the meanings, reasons, metaphors, and the “why’s” of any event, situation, painting, piece of music, etc. creates peace for this element. They want to know why they or YOU BELIEVE what you believe.
Cultivate the METAL/AIR element:
– Choose new, life giving experiences
– meditate, pray and RECEIVE from others: allow others to feed into your life
– alone time is important but avoid isolation if grief arises
– walks and exercise in the open AIR- you need fresh air to exercise and cleanse the lungs of old emotions
– CRY IT OUT – let your grief out as you heal
– take probiotics for healthy gut and bowel cleansing, find a holistic doctor who can guide you with gut health
– practice the thought, that you don’t have to know all the reasons why-just be thankful all is part of the journey
– your accomplishments speak volumes, you don’t NEED to accomplish anything to show you are worthy. You are already worthy!

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