It took me quite a long time to nail down which Enneagram number I was. I read different books and looked over different tests. They all lead me to being a 2.

Each component of the 2 fits me very closely, a spot on description. However, I was told by a counselor friend of mine to base your NUMBER on your motivation or drive, not on your present REACTIONS to stress.

When you are young, you show your natural, innate RESPONSE to stresses. As you get older and programmed from years of stress, you often show your REACTION to stress.

What do I mean by motivation? Example: I am a 9, my motivation is peace. Innately there is a motivation within me to cultivate peace more than justice, care, etc.

My parents often argued when I was younger. I remember that part of my life, even at a young age. My response was not anger, lashing out, hiding, or isolation, it was “mom and dad would you please stop arguing with each other.” When they would stop it made me feel ok, BECAUSE EVERYONE WAS OK WITH EACH OTHER.

I didn’t respond by going to take care of my mom or dad after they fought, that would be a CARETAKER. I just wanted PEACE between them, because it made me feel safe…PEACEMAKER.

I realized I was a middleman throughout school (and even still to this day). I didn’t want anyone left out. I spent time going between groups of friends to make sure everyone was ok with each other. I did not have the impulse to see how everyone was feeling, but rather how they were doing with one another. Peace was my main motivator.

We all adapt over time to meet the demands and stresses of life. Depending on which environment you live in now may require us to behave as a different NUMBER. But try your best to not forget your childhood behavior. In my opinion, the childhood NUMBER is the number you stick with. Don’t base it on your stress response in this moment of life.

Strengthening your motivating characteristic allows you to see and understand all the other numbers more clearly. Since I am a peacemaker, I choose activities and thoughts that produce more peace. I want to be more clear of who I am. Remember, don’t shy away from who you are.

The ENNEAGRAM is a tool that truly helps us to accentuate our healthy character. It ultimately leads us to take the main motivation of our NUMBER and cultivate it within ourselves. If we nourish the little kid inside us, we will realize “all is ok with the world, because I’m ok.”

Let those things which bring life grow within us. Those things that bring death, we must let them fade away.

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